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Meet Our Lesson Horses

Currently we have four main lesson horses that we use in our program. Some of our boarders allow their horses to be used as well, so you may see some additional faces at your lessons! Keep reading to get better acquainted with our four-footed teachers. (And keep checking back for more information and updated pictures!)



 Suzie (Tsunami) was born on April 12, 2002 and is half arab and half thoroughbred. Her sire is Echo Bey IA from Echo Lane Farm in Michigan. Ruth has owned her since 2004 and started and trained her in the basics of horsemanship.



Rebel was born on July 10, 1996 and is a National Show Horse (half saddlebred, half arab) and is registered with the Half Saddlebred Registry of America. Ruth has owned him since September 1997. Ruth started and trained Rebel in the basics of horsemanship.     


Slate was born on May 26, 1987 and is a quarter horse. Ruth has owned him since 1998. He came broke and rideable, and has become the rock of our program, teaching many students the very basics of horsemanship in both disciplines.


Blu was born approximately in 1999 and is a Breed POA/paint mare. She has been with Ruth since 2001, and has also been started and trained by Ruth in the basics of horsemanship. In the last few years Blu had a back injury and was out of work, but has started to be put back into work again and she is now starting to be used in lessons again.